Growing Demand for Electricity

The growing demands of electricity in Indonesia have been increasing much in the last decade. The growing economy in the last decade has been the main factor to the growing demands. The development of infrastructures and industries also requires more energy.

Electricity is one of the needs that are important for a growing nation. Though not all area in Indonesia has been fully distributed by electricity yet, however there is improvement in the distribution of electricity throughout Indonesia.

Electricity consumption in the business sector also grew. In May 2013, the growth rate reached 10 percent, while a month before, the rate was 9 percent. Electricity consumption nationwide in May 2013 alone reached 16.07 terawatt hours (TWh), rising by 9.96 percent compared to a year earlier. In total, the electricity consumption in January-May 2013 grew by 7.6 percent compared to the same period in 2012.

Because of the increasing consumption in electricity, PLN plan to increase capacity and expand network to Java, Aceh, South Kalimantan, South Sumatra and Riau. PLN expand its power capacity by 8.3 percent to reach 39,000 megawatts by year-end. PLN expand its infrastructure by generating funds with bonds and Islamic bonds. PLN offer bonds for generating fund to invest in more plants, stations, and networks.

P.T. Simetri Putra Perkasa (SPP) contributes to the development progress by providing a safe solution for electricity distribution in buildings. We try to build a power distribution that is reliable and safe for residential, industry and commerce.

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